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Dieselfixneuss brings people, services and techonologies together to deliver customer solutions.

You know access to the expertise needed to solve problems, asset reliabilty and efficiency.

Dieselfixneuss is a Germany company. Headquarter is in München, our production line and logicticcenter is in Neuss.

Products are completely designed, manufactured and packaged in Germany.

Business Process

  • Excellence in delivery of Service portfolio
  • Solution providers
  • Service management system implemented

Best-in class demand chain

  • Availability to customer requierment
  • Sales through Managed Inventory


  • To be a motivating and caring employer Dynamic, competent and global workforce

Deposits policy

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Remanufacturing Processs

  • General visual inspection.
  • Incoming test (option)
  • Electrical check
  • Drive component inspection
  • Disassembly
  • Spare part inspection
  • Failure mode determination
  • Repairability review
  • Assembly of product
  • Unit testing in test benches
  • Painting and packaging

Product Brands